Our Evolution

Proudly Australian owned, Evolv’s history stretches back to 2006 as a specialist independent SMSF audit company that would form the basis for what was to come. In 2012 Evolv was born, a company determined to become the most revolutionary independent SMSF audit company in the country. Now performing over 10,000 audits a year, Evolv has built its reputation on the strength of its technological innovation, quality, efficiency and value. 

Evolv’s passionate team boasts some of the most experienced auditors in the country. Our suite of exclusive products – Black, White and Grey – deliver SMSF audits that are value-adds to your business. But our mission to be Australia’s most revolutionary audit company never stops – Evolv continues to collaborate with the SMSF audit industry as we strive to develop tools that evolve the way we work.

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Ron Phipps-Ellis

B.Com, CA, JP
Founder & CEO

Since 2005 Ron has been recognised as a trusted leader in super audits. He has redefined the way super audits are performed. Being a true believer in technology, he and the Director of Technology developed Evolv’s fully automated integrated super audit platform which ensures a high quality, efficient and value for money super audit. His previous career in audit, accounting and tax has facilitated his understanding of the needs of his fellow accountants, administrators and financial planners and through his extensive experience in the superannuation industry, he is responsible for directing Evolv to be one of the leading SMSF audit businesses in Australia.

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David Smith


David became Chairman of Evolv in Feburary 2021. He has over five decades of accounting industry experience, having formerly been a partner at accounting firm PKF (now BDO) and president of the Institute of Chartered Accountants in Australia (now Chartered Accountants Australia and New Zealand).

He was also an initial director of Count Plus Limited when it listed and chief executive of Class Limited for a brief period. He is currently a founding director of business advisory firm Smithink.

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Carol Scholes-Robertson

Director of Client Services

Carol joined Evolv in 2021 as a new director of client services leading our amazing team of auditors.

Carol, a Chartered Accountant in public practice and an audit specialist, brings 30 years experience to Evolv in SMSF audit. Carol’s comprehensive experience extends to technical and compliance aspects of superannuation, and she has a passion for good governance, and risk management. She sees the auditor role as an important partnership with you as the accountant, and brings a commercial and common sense approach to resolving audit issues.

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Louise Astorgano

Head of Technology

Louise has over 20 years experience working in the financial services industry in different operational roles with a focus on project management, process redesign, reduction of operational risk and business analysis.

Since joining Evolv in 2015, Louise has helped redefine how SMSF audits are completed by playing an integral role in the development of the EvolvWhite software and helping our clients get the best out of the software through proactive management of the Software Support Team.

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David Goldsmith

B.Com, CA
Head of Sales

David joined Evolv in February 2020 with over 20 years’ experience in the accounting industry. Prior to joining Evolv, David worked at Class Limited for more than 7 years.

With an accounting background he is able to help develop highly effective and practical strategies to assist accountants, administrators and advisers in dealing with the changes to independence, maximising their business efficiency and productivity whilst reducing their risk.

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Santa Dutta

Associate Director – Audit

Santa joined Evolv in 2013 and has 11 years’ audit experience in the accounting and SMSF industry.

A lecturer at various universities on audit and financial accounting, Santa has extensive knowledge of SMSF legislation and experience in dealing with the technical and compliance aspects of superannuation audits. In recognition of this, he has been promoted to an audit signing partner and plays an instrumental role in leading the audit team and streamlining Evolv’s audit processes and efficiencies.

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Daria Galstyan

Associate Director – Audit

Daria joined Evolv as an associate director – audit. She has more than 16 years of experience in the SMSF field and is known for creating dynamic teams that work together with clients to provide high-quality audits in timely and commercial manner.

Daria also participates in facilitating professional programs with the Institute of Chartered Accountants Australia and New Zealand.

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