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Time to act with Evolv Black

Evolv Black is our full service self-managed super fund audit solution. Handling the audit process from start to finish, Evolv Black is the comprehensive solution for your independent SMSF auditing requirements.

Evolv Black allows our experienced team to process, deliver and assume liability for your audits.

Business value

Evolv Black allows our experienced team to process, deliver and assume liability for your audits.

Business value

Evolv Black will see our experienced team process, deliver and assume liability for your audits.

How does Evolv Black work?

We use the power of automation to streamline traditionally laborious auditing processes, ensuring your audits are delivered on time, fully compliant and to the client’s utmost satisfaction. Combining value for money with high levels of efficiency, Evolv Black is your total independent auditing solution from our award-winning team.

Evolv Black offers a win-win solution that gives SMSF clients the benefit of a quality audit service through our simple 4-step process.

1. Engagement and representation

No matter what SMSF software you use, how many audits you undertake, we can analyse your requirements and give you a proposal outlining how we can work together. When we take on your caseload, we assume full liability for the auditing, leaving you free to dedicate resources to other parts of your business.

2. Fund document and file upload

To begin the audit journey with Evolv, you will upload fund documents and data files through our secure web portal. The Evolv Black system integrates with cloud-based accounting platforms such as BGL 360 & Class Super, so we require only the fund code to extract data files directly.

3. We conduct your audit

Our system will integrate and automate routine financial audit processes, this service includes:

  • automating all document, property and title searches
  • providing full file imports from source systems
  • automating reports, queries and audit reports via our secure portal
  • utilising data feeds to electronically verify transactions and balances.

4. Delivery and liability

The last step in the Evolv Black process involves assuming control of your SMSF audits. That means we conduct our internal reviews and analysis of your audits, and assume full liability. This forms part of our guarantee of accountability to you, your clients and regulators.

As part of the final step, we will dispatch an audit report, management letter and invoice to you through the client portal.

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Features of Evolv Black

Free up your internal resources

The resources required to sustain the SMSF auditing function can put significant strain on other parts of your business. With Evolv Black, we take the entire process off your hands. These resources can be rededicated to other pursuits, and even a reworking of your company model to follow new revenue streams or goals.

Seamless integration

The Evolv Black system can integrate with all major SMSF audit software. This removes uncertainty about efficiency and access, meaning your audits will be safe and sound with our system.

Fixed costing

Evolv Black’s competitive fixed fee structure ensures cash flow consistency, with no surprises or heightened setup costs for our team to take on your SMSF audit requirements.

Secure client portal

If you want transparent access to audits, our secure client portal is the solution. A simple interface, up-to-date information and exhaustive automated filing mean that everything is where you need it, when you need it.

Transfer of liability

By signing off on the SMSF audit, Evolv Super assumes full liability for your auditing. All compliance queries and auditor reporting will be handled by our team. We adhere to the highest competency and auditing standards, delivering only the best for your clients.

SMSF audit expertise

Since 2006, the Evolv Super team has been working on SMSF audits with a passion. Now conducting more than 10,000 audits every year and utilising some of Australia’s foremost SMSF experts, we have the professionalism and depth of knowledge to handle the entire audit process. No fund is too much.

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Evolv Black is the complete package. From start to finish, our SMSF auditing solution will deliver world-class auditing to you and your clients with transparency, consistency and quality. When your organisation needs to reallocate resources, ensure auditing efficiency or simply get more value for money, the Evolv Super team is here to help you get started.