The perfect mix for SMSF Audits

Evolv Super redefines the way SMSF audits are performed, by offering you the option to choose the perfect mix of resources, services and software to suit your specific business needs. This unique offering allows you to choose the perfect mix of solutions for your business.

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The Evolv White Whitepaper: Harness the power of automation

SMSF auditors across Australia face clear-cut challenges. An ageing population, a lack of succession planning, decreasing audit fees and a general resistance to change means that many who should embrace technology haven’t made the move. Moreover, the SMSF industry must act now to prepare for SMSF audit independence requirement that will come into form on 1 July 2021.

Fortunately the future is here, and it is automated. By harnessing the power of automation, SMSF auditors can meet their compliance requirements, cut costs, improve customer relations, enhance productivity and future-proof their organisation in a way that wasn’t formerly possible.

This whitepaper, Automation Nation: Why Tech is the Future of SMSFs, explores the ways new hardware and software is revolutionising the way auditors work.

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Evolv Solutions

Evolv Black

Independent, quality, trusted SMSF audits

  • Evolv takes care of your independent audit from start to finish

  • High quality, consistent audits

  • Save time by uploading documents through our secure client portal

  • As we conduct more than 10,000 audits a year, you are accessing expert SMSF auditors

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Evolv Grey

Solving capacity issues – better SMSF audits together

  • Remove resourcing headaches

  • Our team will conduct the audit using Evolv White

  • You review the SMSF audit before it goes to the client

  • Final product is yours to customise

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Evolv White

SMSF audit software, built by auditors, for auditors

  • Custom built SMSF audit software

  • Replace manual SMSF audit processes

  • Flawless integration with popular SMSF software

  • Full control of SMSF audit process

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Why Evolv?

To provide the SMSF industry with an independent, automated, hassle free, efficient, compliant and value for money audit service – so SMSF audit is removed from the issues concerning accountants & administrators.

As the clock ticks towards 1 July 2021, Evolv Super’s flexible suite of award-winning products including Evolv White, Evolv Grey and Evolv Black is helping firms plan to meet strict SMSF audit independence requirements.

The benefits for your business of collaborating with Evolv include:

  • the ability to seamlessly mix and match any of the services and products we provide

  • a substantial reduction in audit risk by fully automating the manual audit procedures using Evolv White

  • more time to focus on valuable client advice as you’ll do less audit work freeing you up to review more auto-generated reports on audit exceptions, anomalies and validation errors

  • the ability to automatically upload Class Super, BGL and Supermate data files into our software platform. Your data is secure and always accessible, anywhere, anytime

  • quality, efficient and value-for-money results. We help our clients reduce risk and provide a consistent audit process every time

  • full compliance with ASIC’s strict audit independence requirement by 1 July 2021.



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